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FaceBliss Therapy

First in Singapore, KOBIDO inspired face massage. 

What is Kobido Massage?

It is a type of anti-ageing face massage that revitalises and rejuvenates the skin of the face, neck and decolletage. It helps to reduce wrinkles, remove toxins, improve blood circulation and lymph flow. 
It will leave you with glowing and younger looking skin!


How does FaceTherapy work?

This KOBIDO inspired massage consists of few key elements: 
* Relaxing massage - we start with relaxing massage of head and shoulders to prepare the tissues for deep massage and to get you in that peacefull zone!
* Deep tissue massage - stretching the tensed muscles which contribute to muscle imbalances, pain and wrinkles. 

* Lymphatic Drainage - gentle massage to increase the flow the lymph liquid in order to remove excess toxins and possible swelling on the face. 
* Buccal Massage (optional) - a deep tissue massage of the cheeks and mouth from the inside, which helps to reduce muscle tension, enhance the natural curvature of the face, improves circulation and stimulate repair of the tissues to get younger looking skin. 

* Face Lift  - energetic moves that naturally lift & sculpt the skin, improve the health and promote collagen production leaving you with that extra glow! 
* Acupressure - fo healthier, brighter and rejuvenated skin. 
* Cold Therapy - cooling down the skin with Jade roller
* Closing massage to relax the head and shoulder one last time! 

FaceBliss Therapy

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